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When you’re dealing with different types of foot issues or conditions, there are many times when the best solution for any pain you may be experiencing is through surgery. Difranco Family Foot Care In Erie, PA, can help you determine if you need foot surgery and what issues can be solved through foot surgery.

Types of Foot Surgery

Many different conditions and issues can be solved through a foot surgery. Some common types of foot surgery include:

  • Bunion Surgery- When you struggle with bunions, there are ways to treat pain that you may be experiencing, but often the best solution is bunion surgery. Bunions are a large bump that appears at the base of the big toe and can be painful and can affect your ability to perform everyday activities. Your podiatrist may recommend bunion surgery, which would be a removal of the excess bone that’s causing you pain.
  • Neuroma Surgery- Neuromas are bundles of nerve tissue that usually appear between the third and fourth toes. Neuromas can cause pain at the base of your toes or in the balls of your feet. When they develop past a certain point, the only option may be surgery. During surgery, your doctor will remove the inflamed nerve, which will help reduce your pain.
  • Hammertoe Surgery- Hammertoes are a deformity in the toe that causes the joint to bend down, resembling a hammer. When hammertoes are severe, they can rub against the shoes and cause calluses and pain to occur. When hammertoes begin to affect your daily life, surgery may be the only option to straighten your toes and allow you to perform physical activities again.

When you struggle with different foot conditions that don’t resolve with non-surgical treatment, surgery may be the best option.
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